Friday Five

  1. Beautylish is the exclusive retailer of Bioderma (cult favorite French micellar cleansing water) in the US and they just debuted a 500mL bottle with a pump top!
  2. Speaking of beauty e-retailers, Birchbox is launching their own makeup line.
  3. We’ve been indulging in affogatos for dessert. And breakfast. And anytime throughout the day. It’s fine. (P.S. You don’t even need to click through to that recipe, it’s literally just ice cream and espresso!)
  4. I’ve switched my engagement ring over to my right hand and am embracing a “wedding stack” on my left. Right now I just have my wedding ring and a few costume rings, but love the idea of adding a band for major milestones – anniversaries, children, Tuesdays… Some inspiration here, here, and (obviously) hereIMG_0187 (P.S. This gel mani in OPIs Tiramisu for Two is now officially two weeks old and still looking flawless, if a little grown out!)
  5. Heading to the Wellfleet OysterFest this weekend! SO excited!!
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