Skincare Routine feat. Perricone MD

It’s been a MINUTE since I’ve been inspired/able/focused enough to crank out a blog post. So much has happened in the past year (seriously? it’s almost been that long?!) but I haven’t been able to sit down and synthesize it into words, so we’ll start with something simple.

Back in November, I found a new favorite foundation. It was a product I’d seen around but had never given it a try, and after one application I was hooked. It’s been about seven months since then, I’ve gone through two bottles, and it’s still one of my everyday go-tos and favorites.

It’s the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum.

There’s a “No Foundation Foundation” as well, I much prefer the texture, coverage, and shade of the serum formula. It melts into my face and looks like I’ve got nothing on it, just even toned, plump, dewy skin. It’s super easy to apply — I just use my fingers — and feels weightless. It also wears well, it seems to sink into skin throughout the day rather than fade or wipe away, so your face doesn’t end up looking patchy. The other upside is it’s got skin care ingredients in the formula, so it also improves skin texture and clarity over time and doesn’t feel like it’s clogging my pores or weighing me down. It’s honestly one of the easiest, most effective products I’ve ever used.

The only drawbacks are the price ($60 isn’t cheap!) and that it only comes in one “universal” shade. I have a pretty average skin tone that isn’t too fair, dark, warm, or cool, so it works really well for me, but that’s definitely not the case for everyone. I definitely recommend giving it a try though. The formula is sheer enough that I think it could work for a pretty wide range. It just happens to be a pretty close match for me right out of the gate.

After falling hard for the foundation, I decided to give other products from Perricone MD a try. In the past 7 months or so I’ve tried out a handful, with a few being so-so and not worth the money, and a few standing out as ones I’ll repurchase:

First, the Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint. This is the perfect base for the No Foundation Foundation Serum (I think I’ll start calling it NFFS because damn, that name is a mouthful), but it’s also great on it’s own when you’re going to do something active or dirty where it doesn’t make sense to wear a full face of makeup but you still want something on your skin. The color adjusts using some kind of magic pigment capsules, it’s got SPF 30 in it, and it’s just a beautiful daytime moisturizer. It’s oil-free but super hydrating and a little goes a long way.

Another winner is the Cocoa Moisture Mask. This smells AMAZING and my skin loves it. After using it, my face is so soft and hydrated and fresh. It has tiny little capsules in it that burst when you massage it into your skin and change the mask to a deeper color. It doesn’t dry complete, which I’m a big fan of since the tightness of dry clay masks really irritates me for some reason. It rinses off easily, too.

Finally, what’s probably the one I’m most torn over, is the Serum Prep. Now let me warn you. This product is 1) CRAZY expensive. and 2) the most foul smelling creation I have ever willingly applied to my face. It smells awful. Like a port-a-potty almost. It’s a testament to it’s effectiveness that I continue to use it, it is that bad. On its own, this product isn’t anything special, but it does really seem to prepare skin for any other serum you want to apply. It feels like it opens your skin up and gets rid of the dead cells so that whatever you apply next goes on incredibly smooth and sinks in immediately. I use it morning and evening on a cotton pad and I actually feel like it does something, which is different from every other toner I’ve used. I’m just not sure if I can get over the price tag and the smell.