How-Two: Wear Makeup with Glasses

How-two: 2 easy steps to doing something just a little bit better…

A lot of people struggle with how to wear makeup with glasses. There are plenty of videos on youtube that will break down exactly what (and what not) to do, but as a long time glasses and contact lens wearer, this is what has worked for me.

  1. Really go for it with your lipstick. You’ve got frames adding weight and drawing attention to the top of your face, so a bright lipstick can balance that out and make your face look more like a face and less like just a pair of lenses. Now is the time to go for that red or fuchsia, but you can also stick with a more subdued color if you choose something opaque and creamy. The point is you really want your lips to be defined.
  2. Don’t neglect your brows. There are three potential situations here: your frames hit above, below, or right on top of your natural brows. We’ve all seen the photoshopped images of celebrities without eyebrows (if you haven’t, please google it) and know that it’s not a good look. What you want is for your brows to peek out from your frames but still look natural. If they already show 100%, you’re golden; all you need to do is fill them in! Otherwise, brush the hairs either upwards or downwards so they aren’t hidden and then hold them in place with a clear brow gel (Anastasia’s is the best) and then fill in any gaps and clean up any lines with a brow powder.


I think my next how-two will be on shaping your brows at home. Thoughts?